2014 November

White Oak, Baby Owl

Luxuriant foliage, branches, and a selection of fragrant herbs and blossoms fill the borders of this marriage certificate, the entirety framed by cobalt blue, cadmium yellow and red scrollwork.  A baby owl and an arrangement of oak leaves and acorns … Read More

Celtic Wedding Knot

The intricately woven knot is a symbol of marriage in many cultures. Nowhere are these designs more pervasive than in the Celtic cultures of Europe.  The examples shown here illustrate a few of the many Celtic Wedding Knot designs I … Read More

Ancient Oak

The ancient oak on this upstate New York farmstead is the centerpiece of this certificate. Details of home life on a farm complete the illustrations. A line of poetry by Robert Frost is inscribed across the top of the arch. … Read More

Turquoise Inlay Border

The Islamic Marriage Certificate places the Bismallah above all else, followed by the inscription from the Qur’an on God’s plan for marriage.  The text follows in English calligraphy, with room for signatures at the bottom.  The entire certificate … Read More

Stained Glass Certificate

The brilliant, translucent colors of this certificate shine like light through stained glass.  The white outlines of the various symbolic motifs add to the overall effect.  Layered outlines of the central lotus frame the flowing italic script of the certificate, … Read More