Chinese History

History of China/Chinese Medicine
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Chinese history timeline: this is the timeline banner I used in class | Click for Larger Version




History of Chinese medicine as summarized by important books

Annotated Chronology of Chinese medicine
Comparative Historical Timeline: China, Japan, Other Civilizations
Resource links: Women in history of Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medical History/TCM History
Cloud Gate (preview PDF): Chinese names, characters and meanings for the acupuncture points

For Fun

VIDEO Traditional Chinese Noodle Making


Brief notes on development of scientific method


Tao Te Ching, trans. Victor H. Mair
This edition is important for the notes at the end, including the author’s analysis of the connections of the Tao Te Ching with early works of Indian philosophy.

Chinese Language and Calligraphy offers Dictionary with look-up by English meaning, Chinese character, drawn character, or pin yin.  You can observe a character being done in the proper stroke order of calligraphy. Also on Yellowbridge is the original text of the Dao De Jing, along with three side-by-side translations into English.  The Analects of Confucius and a wealth of other literary works, Chinese language flash cards and other resources make this a site well worth using.

Chinese Literature timeline with historical calligraphy examples

Calligraphy Supplies: Blue Heron Arts

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chinese Character Writing System: the answer by Rita Zhang summarizes very well most of the points I would make myself.

The Impasse of Modern Physics: New York Times Article