Calligraphy Commissions


celebrate_rondelCalligraphy, Fine Art, Design, Illustration and Illumination Commissions: I accept a wide variety of calligraphy, design and fine art commissions. Some examples include wedding monograms, jewelry designs, designs and patterns for clothing, works on canvas, paper and scrolls, book covers, chapter headings and other book design components, awards and certificates.

My areas of expertise are contemporary and historical calligraphy styles in a wide variety of scripts and languages; watercolour illustrations; illumination; elaborately designed and painted borders; graphic design; and, book and publication design.

I look forward to hearing from you about any design requirement you may have.

Wedding Ring InscriptionSubmitting a design inquiry: If you are wanting a word or short phrase written out or developed into a design, please click on the tab above and fill out the form. You will hear back from me within 24 – 48 hours. This process is quick, easy and affordable, while making sure you get something you really like. I have used this system for many years and found that it works very well.

If your design requirement is more elaborate, please CONTACT ME with the particulars.

image303The design process: Let me know what you need (fill out the form on the tab above):

  1. Language and/or script
  2. Do you need translation done
  3. Size or dimension of the finished piece
  4. Do you need colour in your design?
  5. Examples of designs you like — from my website or from elsewhere
Monogram | Red

Arabic Monogram

After reviewing your request I will contact you to confirm details of your design needs, pricing, timeline, etc. 

For simple design requests this is what you will receive:

  • 5 or more design variations delivered via email.
  • If you need minor edits or changes to the one design you like best, that is also included.
  • All designs are delivered via high-resolution JPG or PDF files.
  • Please note: As part of my design process I create a large number of variations and send the best of those to you. It is not cheaper to ask for fewer designs!

My fee for this service:

  1. My minimum fee for this service is typically US$175.00, although for simple jobs I am sometimes able to offer a discount.
  2. Translation service is often included in this price, but I will let you know in advance if an additional charge is required.
  3. Pricing depends upon the nature of the work being requested. I will provide you with an exact price quote before beginning any work.

bonsai_paintingPayment methods:

  • I invoice via PayPal
  • You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay with credit or debit card
  • Personal Checks off of any US-based bank
  • Money Order, preferably via Western Union
If you encounter any problems in submitting this form, or do not hear back from me within 48 hours, please contact me directly at

Calligraphy Inquiry & Order Form



  • Please describe as clearly as possible what it is you are looking for: text, purpose of the calligraphy, finished size, etc.
  • It is helpful if you can share examples of work that you like, either from my website or elsewhere. If the work is from my website you can simply give the name of the image. If you want to reference work from elsewhere please provide a web address or upload the image.