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STEWART J. THOMAS, calligrapher

I have been in love with pen and ink for over thirty-five years.

My first calligraphic teaching was in the Arabic script, writing out

lines of Persian poetry.

Our teacher would walk around the class and cut a nib on each

student's reed pen and write out a line of poetry at the top of a

notebook page. We would lean over our pages, copying the line

of poetry over and over again. My, what a mess of indelible ink

blots we made with those reed pens dipped in bottles of ink!

I still use dip pens, both reeds and metal pens with reservoirs. I

also love using Chinese brushes, thin strips of flexible wood

veneer, or even my fingers!

Calligraphy Specialties

I specialize in calligraphy in the latin script used in English and

European languages; Arabic script used in Arabic, Persian (Farsi),

Urdu, and Balti; the Devanagri alphabet used for Sanskrit and

many other Indian languages; and Chinese brush styles. I can

also calligraph work in Hebrew, Greek, Amharic (from Ethiopia),

Kannada and Telegu (from South India), and several other

scripts. If you have a calligraphic requirement, please ask.

Calligraphy Examples

Among my most common commissions are marriage certificates,

tattoo designs, poems and logos. Please use the links above to

look through examples of work in different categories and

information on how to order.

Marriage Certificates

Marriage, wedding, and handfasting certificates are a feature of

many traditions: Quaker, Muslim, Jewish (Ketubot, Kettubah),

and are becoming increasingly popular in other traditions. There

is a special section of the website devoted entirely to marriage

certificates. Click here to learn how to commission a one-of-a-

kind hand-illustrated, illuminated and calligraphed certificate.

Calligraphy Classes

I teach ongoing classes in pen, nib and reed calligraphic methods

as well as Chinese brush calligraphy, Chinese brush painting and

watercolour. Click here for more information.


Please CONTACT ME regarding calligraphy commissions for any

project you may be considering.


My work is featured in a number of books devoted to the art of

calligraphy. In addition I have provided calligraphy, illustration

and design for hundreds of publications, including books,

magazine, posters, brochures and websites.

Books on calligraphy include:

Arabic Tattoos

by Jon Udelson and Clayton Patterson

featuring over 20 pages of photos, design and essay

by Stewart J. Thomas


Todo Sobre La Caligrafia

Published by Parramon, Barcelona, Spain

This excellent guide to calligraphy, its heritage, artform,

materials, and history is in Spanish

and features a number of Arabic and Sanskrit samples by

Stewart J. Thomas


Learn World Calligraphy

by Margaret Shepherd

featuring Sanskrit Alphabet and samples by Stewart J. Thomas


Sanskrit headers and illuminated page designs provided for Ray

Long's excellent books on yoga:

The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume I

Yoga Mat Companion 1: Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow and

Standing Poses

The Key Poses of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume II

Yoga Mat Companion 2: Anatomy for Hip Openers and

Forward Bends

Yoga Mat Companion 3: Anatomy for Backbends and


Yoga Mat Companion 4: Anatomy for Arm Balances and



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