Authentic Sanskrit Calligraphy Tattoos

Om in gold and blue

Om in gold and blue

Guaranteed Accurate Translation and High Quality Original Calligraphic Designs. English to Sanskrit translation, or translation into any South Asian language.

Using traditional and contemporary techniques and styles, I create original calligraphy designs for tattoos, logos and publications. People work with me in order to get unique artistic renditions of the words and texts meaningful to them, rather than a commonly reproduced tattoo design. All my work is done by hand, scanned and sent to you in the form of high resolution image files.  I can also produce original calligraphic fine art on paper or canvas.

I work closely with experts in various South Asian languages to ensure that all translations are 100% accurate. I am also familiar with the calligraphic traditions of each language so that I can create designs that are both artistic and conform to proper conventions.

Sanskrit, Hindi and Marathi are typically written in the Devanagari Script, one of many closely related South Asian alphabets. Pali, the vernacular language of early Buddhist teachings can be written in a variety of scripts, including Devanagari. In addition to Devanagari I can provide work in additional historic and contemporary South Asian scripts including Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Tibetan, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu. If you have an interest in other South Asian alphabets, please let me know.

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Sanskrit Calligraphy Designs