Sanskrit Calligraphy

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English to Sanskrit Translation or English translation into any other South Asian language.

The Devanagari Script is one of many closely related South Asian alphabets and is used to write Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi and other languages.  I have had various associations with India for most of my life and learned South Asian calligraphic styles while living in Bangalore, India. I work closely with scholars of Indian languages to provide accurate translations for my clients. In addition to Devanagari I can provide work in additional historic and contemporary South Asian scripts including Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Malayalam, Tibetan, Sinhala, Kannada and Telugu. I receive many requests for the ancient vernacular language, Pali, which has historically been written in a number of different scripts.
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Your number one source for World Calligraphy: Stewart J. Thomas combines decades of work as an artist and calligrapher with a personal commitment to linguistic and lexicographic research. Stewart provides designs which bring together accuracy, beauty and creativity. His work is featured in publications, films, television shows, websites, fabric designs, logos and on countless tattoos!