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Crescent Muslim Certificate

This very traditional Muslim marriage certificate, or nikah, features an exceptionally intricate, handpainted geometric border, as well as many other finely done artistic features. An elegantly calligraphed “bismallah” surmounts the certificate. The central area is filled with a crescent … Read More

Ahava Andalusian Ketubah

This colorful ketubah is inspired by the tradition of Sephardic ketubot from the Andalusian region of Spain. Tendrils of vines and blossoms form the scrollwork borders. The watercolor artwork includes a brighly painted parrot and a softer cluster of … Read More

Arabic & English with Blue Tile border

This bilingual Arabic-English Muslim marriage certificate is inspired by motifs found on the blue tiles of mosques. A gold gilt “bismallah” heads the two columns of text in English and Arabic calligraphy. The intricate border design is hand-painted in … Read More

Aspen Certificate

The Aspen-themed marriage certificate incorporates elements of the Colorado Rockies, including mountain peaks, streams, aspen trees, fireweed and other wild flowers. Bears, beavers, an eagle and hummingbird all find their place in this majestic setting. A minimum of text … Read More

Azalea Crown

The Azalea Crown marriage certificate is an example of simple elegance.  A cluster of blooms and swash italic calligraphy fill the top with the freshness and light of spring. As in the Quaker tradition, there are places for the … Read More

Binder-Hummel Certificate

The Binder-Hummel marriage certificate was created for a wedding in the Roman Catholic rite. The design incorporates a large number of liturgical symbols including the cross and crown, grapes, chalice, host, and dove of the holy spirit, all within … Read More

Natural Florida

The Florida nature-themed certificate was created to include specific images requested by the couple, including typically Florida items such as native birds and flowers, live oak and water; as well as more specific requests: a boat, a drum, and … Read More

Knotwork Star Ketubah

This ketubah combines the traditional motif of twining tree branches, with a star of David filled with knotwork patterns.  Matching circles on either side of the arch are filled with interlocking spirals.  This ketubah features calligraphy in both English … Read More

Solomon and Rumi

This interfaith Baha’i-Jewish marriage certificate features an intricate hand-painted geometric border design with gold gilt. Stars symbolic of the two faith traditions frame the top archway which in turn features inset panels with poetry couplets by Mowlana Rumi … Read More

Lotus certificate in four languages

I created this certificate for a couple that wanted simplicity, but also needed to include text in four different languages.  The text is in four blocks around an open circle.  I was excited that the languages can be read in … Read More