June 6, 2016

Lord’s Prayer, Syriac Aramaic, framed

SyriacPrayer_palmstone.comThe Lord’s Prayer

Syriac Aramaic
Syriac Orthodox Church

The Syriac Orthodox Churches under three separate patriarchates date back to the early days of Christianity and maintain their liturgy in Aramaic, the lingua franca of the Persian and Eastern Roman Empires and the language in which Jesus taught.

Abun d-bashmayo
nithqadash shmokh
tithe malkuthokh
nehwe sebyonokh
aykano d-bashmayo oph bar`o
hab lan la
hmo d-sunqonan yowmono
washbuq lan 
hawbayn wahtohayn
aykano doph 
hnan shbaqan l-hayobayn
lo ta`lan l-nesyuno
elo pa
so lan men bisho
tul d-dylokh hi malkutho
haylo wteshbuhto
l`olam `olmin

Syriac Calligraphy in the Nestorian Style
Calligraphy by Stewart J. Thomas
on ahar-coated traditional Middle Eastern calligraphy paper



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