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In order to keep things simple I offer 4 different ways to order your custom calligraphy designs. Please contact me via email. I will let you

know what information I need, pricing and payment methods, and wait time until I can get to your design.  Scroll down to the bottom of the

page for the answers to  frequently asked questions. If you have a calligraphy or design requirement that does not fit one of these basic

categories, just contact me and I'll be happy to discuss the details of your project. Please note that email is the best way to contact me and

that you will hear back within 1 - 3 days.

Thank you,

Stewart J. Thomas




If you are wanting a word, short phrase, or somewhat longer piece done in calligraphy in any script or language, I offer this service to make

things quick, easy and affordable while making sure you get something you really like. I've used this system for many years and it works out

really well.

Let me know what you are looking for:  1) language and/or script, 2) do you need translation done 3) purpose of the design (tattoo,

jewelry, monogram, stationery, etc.), 4) size or dimension of finished piece, 5) if you have an example of something in the style of what you

want--on my website or from elsewhere--please let me know.

What you receive: 5 or more design variations in black and white delivered via email. If you need colour, please let me know in advance.

Please note that as part of my design process I create a large number of variations and send you the best designs. It is not cheaper to ask

for fewer designs! If you need minor edits or changes to the one design you like best, that is also included.

My fee for this service: My usual minimum fee for this service is US$ 155.00, although for simple jobs I am sometimes able to offer a


Translation service is usually included, but I will let you know in advance if an additional charge is required. Exact pricing depends on the

nature of the work being requested.  Once you let me know what you require I can give you an exact price before proceeding with the

design process.

Payment: I accept any form of payment via PayPal, credit cards (MC, VISA) issued by any US Bank, cheque or money order.


Marriage certificates are completely custom made creations including original design work, illustration, illumination and calligraphy. Each

piece is created using archival inks, colours and paper for a long lasting family heirloom. Certificates can be done in any script or language

with which I am familiar.  Please contact me at least 4 to 6 weeks prior to the date you need the certificate delivered.

For detailed information: please look at the special section on my website on MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES.


I accept a limited number of commissions for works on paper, including poems, certificates, fine art pieces, and so on.

Let me know what you are looking for:  Please email me your ideas or requirements and I will get back to you with rates and my



Logo designs can incorporate calligraphic or computer-based scripts, as well as other design elements as needed.

Let me know what you are looking for:  Please email me your ideas or requirements and I will reply with price estimates and time


Logo design process: A logo is the visual representation of your organization or business in all forms of public communication. Therefore, I

undertake a design process that allows me to understand your business and the image you wish to convey. A number of design drafts are

presented before completing a final logo.

What you receive: The completed logo can be made available in all necessary digital file formats, including PSD, TIFF, Illustrator, JPEG and


My fee for this service: US$ 500.00 to 1,000.00 is the package price for most original logo designs. Contact me with your ideas and I can

give you a precise price estimate.



What languages and scripts can you provide:

ENGLISH > Native speaker > All types of calligraphic scripts, historical and contemporary

LATIN SCRIPTS > All languages using Latin scripts, from Spanish to Turkish to Vietnamese. > Depending on the language I can obtain

translation services (Spanish, French, Turkish, German and others). If not requesting translation services please provide letter-perfect

original to work from.

PERSIAN (FARSI) > I grew up in Iran and passed all government exams and have near-native fluency. > I can provide translation services.

> All script forms, historical and contemporary.

ARABIC SCRIPT > All languages using Arabic scripts, including Arabic, Persian, Urdu and others. > All script forms, historical and


DEVANAGRI and SANSKRIT SCRIPT > All languages using Devanagri, including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Sanskrit, etc. > Can provide or obtain

translation services for Sanskrit and many other Indian languages. I work with linguistic experts in India to provide accurate translation and

spellings for Sanskrit, Tibetan, and other South Asian languages.

OTHER SOUTH INDIAN SCRIPTS > Please inquire about your specific interest as there are hundreds of historical and contemporary variations

on South Indian Scripts. I can calligraph Kanada and Telegu scripts with ease, some historical scripts, and some varieties of Tibetan and

Central Asian scripts.

CHINESE > I studied Chinese language for many years and teach Chinese calligraphy on a weekly basis > familiarity with most historical

and contemporary forms


I can read and write according to proper calligraphy conventions in the following additional scripts:




How long will it take to receive my designs?

Please email me with your request; I should be able to provide an accurate time estimate at that time. Generally speaking simple designs

take 2-3 weeks; while marriage certificates can take up to 6 weeks to schedule and complete. I receive commission requests from all over

the world and my work load can be quite high.  I encourage you not to contact me at the last minute!

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept any form of payment via PayPal, international money orders, personal cheques written off of any US bank, and US bank-based

credit card payments (MC or VISA).

How long have you been a professional calligrapher?

I first learned Persian calligraphy in elementary school and calligraphy in English in high school. In 1978 I began work as a professional

calligrapher, creating 2 to 4 completed calligraphed posters per week.  At that time I learned Greek and Hebrew and added that to my

repertoire.  In the ensuing years I studied Chinese calligraphy from several teachers. By 1982, I had created calligraphic work for magazine

covers, book publications, and thousands of certificates, posters, invitations, honorary degrees, and so on. I pick up my pen every single day

and can honestly say that I have never grown tired of the lines, shapes, forms and textures of the calligraphic art form.

Stewart J. Thomas

Artist & Calligrapher