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The world's many scripts offer a wealth of traditions that I

have enjoyed exploring for many years. I studied Chinese

language at the University of Pennsylvania and went on to

study Chinese calligraphy with Yao You-xin and Chen Lok Lee.

During residence in Bangalore, India, I not only had the chance

to study Kannada, but to do a large number of calligraphy

commissions for posters, book covers and other publications.

The Hebrew alphabet is part of a long tradition of both

traditional and contemporary forms, and is one of the first

scripts I learned after writing in Persian and English.

I studied classical Greek in high school and obtained one of my

first professional commissions writing out a menu for a

restaurant in Athens in 1978. Restaurant work provided

another learning opportunity when I mastered the Amharic

alphabet during my stint as co-owner of Nyala Ethiopian

Restaurant in Philadelphia in the 1980s.

If you have requirements for any alphabets or scripts,

mentioned here or not, please contact me.  I look forward to

hearing from you.

Stewart J. Thomas



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