May 16, 2016

Arabic Hymn

ArabicHymn_palmstone.comBlessed are the Broken Hearted
Arabic Hymn
National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon

In the Middle East, the reform (Protestant) churches are known as the evangelical churches. This hymn in classical style Arabic speaks to those who would look at refugees as people to be feared and avoided.

A synopsis of the hymn:

1. Blessed are the broken hearted, who when God sees your weakness will not ignore the up-looking eyes of the poor;

2. God stretches the helping hand to every tired one; gives even before being asked;

3. God’s feet are like wings to give help; his eyes see the enemy like a brother.

Arabic Calligraphy by Stewart J. Thomas
in black ink on dyed, ahar-coated paper traditional for Arabic Calligraphy
11 x 14 matted dimensions

$75.00 unframed