Frequently Asked Questions

What languages and scripts can you provide:


  • Native speaker
  • All types of calligraphic scripts, historical and contemporary.


  • All languages using Latin scripts, from Spanish to Turkish to Vietnamese.
  • Depending on the language I can obtain translation services (Spanish, French, Turkish, German and others).
  • If you are not requesting translation services please provide letter-perfect original to work from.


  • I grew up in Iran and passed all government exams and have near-native fluency.
  • I can provide translation services.
  • All script forms, historical and contemporary.


  • All languages using Arabic scripts, including Arabic, Persian, Dari, Urdu and others.
  • I work closely with scholars and translators to provide accurate translations into Arabic.
  • All script forms, historical and contemporary.


  • All languages using the Devanagari alphabet and its close cousins, including Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Sanskrit, etc.
  • I work closely with scholars and translators in India to provide accurate translations into Sanskrit, Tibetan and many modern South Asian languages


  • Please inquire about your specific interest as there are hundreds of historical and contemporary variations of South Indian Scripts.
  • I have done professional Kannada and Telegu calligraphy
  • I can provide some historical scripts, and some varieties of Tibetan and Central Asian scripts.


  • I studied Chinese language at the University of Pennsylvania and Chinese calligraphy with Yao You-xin and Chen Lok Lee
  • I teach weekly Chinese calligraphy classes
  • Most Chinese script forms, historical and contemporary


I can read and write according to proper calligraphy conventions in the following additional scripts:


How long will it take to receive my designs?

Please email me or fill out an inquiry form.  You will hear back from me with 48 hours with a price and time estimate.

Tattoo and logo designs generally take 2 – 3 weeks to complete. Please schedule 6 to 8 weeks for me to complete and ship a marriage certificate.

I receive commission requests from all over the world and my work load can be quite high. I encourage you not to contact me at the last minute!

What forms of payment do you accept?

I invoice using the secure online PayPal system. I accept credit cards and direct account payments via PayPal.  In addition I accept money orders, international money orders, and personal or business checks drawn off of any US-based bank.

How long have you been a professional calligrapher?

I first learned Persian calligraphy in elementary school and calligraphy in English in high school. In 1978 I began work as a professional calligrapher, creating 3 to 4 completed calligraphed posters per week. At that time I learned Greek and Hebrew and added that to my repertoire. In the ensuing years I studied Chinese calligraphy with several teachers. By 1982, I had created calligraphic work for magazine covers, book publications, and thousands of certificates, posters, invitations, honorary degrees, and so on. I pick up my pen every single day and can honestly say that I have never grown tired of the lines, shapes, forms and textures of the calligraphic art form.

Stewart J. Thomas
Artist & Calligrapher