June 5, 2016

Border Crossing

Border Crossing 

Border Crossing 2

I originally produced this print nearly 30 years ago after experiencing the journey across the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa to the southern tip of Sicily. At that time, as now, this was the route travelled by those seeking refuge and opportunity in new and foreign lands. Today, this is the route that is in the news weekly as overcrowded boats of refugees from Syria, Eritrea, Chad and elsewhere escape from intolerable conditions in their home countries.

We traverse many crossings in life: coming of age, schooling, jobs; and we face the challenges of such boundaries as gender, sexuality, age, class and race.

Refugees continue to deal with all of these crossings even as they confront the physical barriers of border crossings: fences, barbed war, guards, lookout towers and interrogation. Life savings spent to reach this point, a carefully kept cache of identity documents, whatever belongings can be carried by hand, a family waits wearily for permission to cross. Will what waits on the other side be a better life than what was left behind?

Hand colored digital print on acid free watercolor paper and archival inks
by Stewart J. Thomas
Limited edition of 20 copies

Price includes shipping with the USA

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