January 7, 2018

HUMATA, HŪXTA, HUVARŠTA — In Pahlavi script, with modern Persian below. The ethical core of the Zoroastrian Faith since ancient times is also well known to every Iranian, and to many others around the world. In the Avestan Pahlavi the words are “well thought, well said, well done” but usually rendered in English as “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” and in Persian as پندار نیک، گفتار نیک، کردار نیک or اندیشه نیک، گفتار نیک، رفتار نیک There is still a very tiny Zoroastrian community in Iran, and through a mutual friend I was fortunate to obtain this rendering of the Pahlavi script from an elderly woman in Kerman who still reads and writes the script and can recite the ancient songs. The symbol at the top is the Faravahar. Calligraphy by S. J. Thomas,