May 10, 2017

Hand Paper Cut Ketubah

An amazing number of images and symbols are packed into this custom-designed hand cut ketubah. Papercut ketubah are very popular, but with the advent laser-cutting, it is increasingly rare to find one that is hand cut. I designed this ketubah with the papercut on heavier than usual paper so that it could be raised a few millimeters above the surface of the background, allowing for a three dimensional shadow effect. Three types of gold are used in this piece, gold ink, gold powder and gold leaf. Each type of gold has a different sheen, allowing the tones to play off of one another. This includes a gold wash that is visible through the paper cutout. Imagery includes calla lilies, roses, pomegranates, birds, a lion and a panther, symbols for the seven chakras, and the Persian word for love — ‘eshq — in gold leaf. Hebrew from the Song of Songs and a line of poetry from Rumi traditional for weddings complement the italic style calligraphy in English. The couple’s wedding monogram is in gold leaf. With proper care, this marriage document will be a long lasting and stunning family heirloom.